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Staying Fresh

It is typical for sales “newbies” to enjoy instant success only to flounder as they gain experience. Why is that? You would think that success would increase. What was once fresh and exciting has become stale. Canned. Boring. Keeping your sales presentation fresh means reconnecting to your passion a commitment to never stop growing.

Who We Are


Rick Yeatts is known for his authenticity in both life principles and professional discipline. He is a world-class speaker, executive coach and performance trainer with 25 years of industry experience. As the President of Yeatts Performance Group, he is internationally sought-after consultant and motivational guru—applying new-world knowledge with tried and true leadership principles to coach clients toward creating their own success.

Human Capital: The Future of Business
Rick believes that investing in human capital today creates resiliency, motivation and results for decades to come. Leaps and bounds beyond the stale management practices of yesteryear, Rick’s coaching strategies inspire peak performance, taking his clients to new heights.

Global Know-How. Genuine Methods.
The workforce is ever-diversifying and the marketplace is global, no longer bound by geographical restraints. Rick readily shares his expertise as a former top sales performer in international markets and the financial industry to give clients practical tactics to transform their business into a powerful culture of performance. Through seminars, webinars, one-on-one coaching sessions and executive training regimens, Rick helps companies transcend a culture of mediocrity and complacency to one of discipline, commitment and tangible results.

Purposeful Design. Powerful Results.
Rick has in-depth experience in custom-designing curricula to fit each clients’ specialized needs. He is currently revolutionizing the wealth management advisor industry through creating fine-tuned yet powerful coaching solutions that work for that niche market.

Rick has been a Levitin Group consultant, a Top Producer with Starwood Resorts and President and Program Developer for Life Strategies Institute, where he developed sales training and management coaching courses for several international vacation ownership companies. Rick is currently the President of Yeatts Performance Group as well as Founder and President of Marketplace Advancement Training, a nonprofit organization that provides performance coaching and consulting to business leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Rick minored in business at the University of Tennessee, and graduated from NTBI with a degree in advanced social studies and counseling. Rick lives in Phoenix, Ariz. with his wife and daughter.


YPG is a performance coaching and sales training company. We specialize in management development and sales training solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Most companies only offer either coaching or sales training. We are experts in both. By focusing simultaneously on performance and sales, our clients experience transformational growth—in their people and their profits.


YPG Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with managing skills and sales training solutions they need to exceed their goals and stay ahead of the competition. 


YPG Goal

To be your go-to resource when you need to improve your employees’ performance or boost your sales.

"Knowing what not to do can be as important as knowing what to do.  The thing primary thing that has helped us sustain a success track is, knowing what we do well and sticking with it."

Rick Yeatts