Management Coaching

At YPG we believe that for many companies, the razor’s edge between profitability and loss will be how efficiently they lead and develop their employees.  Today’s workforce is diversified and dynamic, and companies are quickly learning the way they managed people in the past is no longer effective.

With global competition mounting as never before, businesses need their employees to be engaged. A recent Gallup poll calls it “emotionally connected”. We will empower your managers with the tools and knowledge they need to lead today’s work force, and the ability to reproduce the process.

Some of the benefits of our management training include:

  • Deepened  influence so others will want to follow you
  • The ability to leverage your employees’ Dominant Performance Motive (DPM) 
  • Training in the psychology of managing others’ behavior
  • The skills to develop discretionary effort through positive reinforcement
  • Mastering the mindset: learning how to motivate and inspire self-starters
  • Increased emotional engagement
  • The dexterity to work with strengths while managing weak spots
  • How to start coaching: 65 percent more effective than just managing

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