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There is nothing normal about today’s business environment, and there certainly shouldn’t be anything normal about the people you use to help you succeed. YPG is truly a unique one of a kind coaching and training company that gets out of the normal box to crate one of a kind performance solution for its clients.


The YPG e-Training Series, Tipping the Bull, was created to help clients connect with the emerging buying public in a transformational way. Consumers today hate being “sold” but they love to buy.

Each 15-minute session consists of three 5-minute, high-impact modules that address the dominant competencies needed to succeed in today’s business environment. The learning process in this series is progressive, manageable, and the entirely controlled by you!

Check out the trailer from YPG’s award-winning e-Training series, Tipping the Bull.


The first three sessions of Tipping the Bull address the “Law of Influence.” Discover the true key to developing and sustaining consistent sales. 

Tipping the Bull

Session 1: Law of Influence             Only $9.99

  • Learn what true influence is and how to use it.

Tipping the Bull

Session 2: Creating the Buying Experience          Only $9.99

  • Learn the three characteristics everyone wants in someone they do business with. Do you have them?

Tipping the Bull

Session 3: Seven Signs of Influence            Only $9.99

  • Learn the 7 Signs of Influence. How do you know when it is time to present the offer?

The next 3 sessions of Tipping the Bull address the “Law of Engagement.” Explore the principles of emotional buying and logical justifying.

Tipping the Bull

Session 4: Law of Engagement           Only $9.99

  • Learn the three things you should be doing to emotionally engage your clients in your products and services.

Tipping the Bull

Session 5 -- Engaged Discovery            Only $9.99

  • Discover the tipping point from sales success to true sales greatness.

Tipping the Bull

Session 6: The Presentation            Only $9.99

  • Deepen engagement and maximize engagement by developing a user-friendly presentation. Find out how.