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Business Coaching

YPG is a Coaching for Development company. We begin every assignment with a clean slate. By designing custom coaching solutions, we can increase sales and performance results by as much as 65%. Our effective coaching solutions are collaborative, reproducible and extremely effective in improving results.

Coaching services at YPG include:

We focus on the tools and strategies you need to increase efficiency and organizational performance.

We custom-design a sales training program that will empower your sales team to grow their sales performance.

At YPG, we believe that the razor’s edge between profitability and loss will be how efficiently they lead and develop their employees. Our management coaching program equips you with proven methods to do just that.

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“Coaching is not a mystery. It is actually very simple. Regardless of the challenges or obstacles we may be facing, anything is possible for someone who is being encouraged, training and supported by someone who believes in them.”

Rick Yeatts